The Club: Location Background

Inside the Steel Mill

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The Club: Location Background
German unification wasn?t kind to the East German industrial town of Jaegerhof. The financial benefits anticipated by many, failed to arrive, but the real blow arrived when the town?s steel mill (run-down by decades of Communist mis-management and unable to compete with steel production in the west) shut down. Then recently and suddenly, there were rumours that it had been bought. No-one knew who the new owners were or what they were going to do with the place; after all it had been left to rot for years. Strangers were spotted up at the mill and, incredibly, rumours spread that they were American movie producers looking for a place to film their new movie.

The movie producers arrived with trucks stuffed full of equipment and setting up began at the mill. The inhabitants of Jaegerhof had hoped for jobs helping out, but were disappointed that the producers didn?t hire any locals. Neither could the locals catch a glimpse of any of the big stars assumed to be there as movie studio security guards were dotted around the mill, threatening anyone that tried to get too close.

The people of Jaegerhof didn?t even know what kind of movie was being made in the steel mill, but everyone assumed it must be a big war picture or Hollywood action movie, on account of all the fake gunfire noise they can hear coming from the place ?