NBA 2K released 3rd March 2000 on Sega Dreamcast.

Posted by Staff
Get ready for hardcore hoop-it-up action, coming at you on Sega Dreamcast at a blazing 60 frames per second! Players were created using more than 1,600 motion-captured moves, making this the most realistic basketball game to date. Playbooks designed by actual NBA coaches are built into the AI to ensure that a team?s strategy will reflect its real-life tendencies when the pressure?s on. Sega Sports brings all the heart-stopping action of the NBA into your home with incredibly detailed graphics and realistic player attributes that let gamers feel the fear of a full-body block by Shaq--and even live to tell about it!

Features:More than four times the number of motion captured moves, surpassing that of any other sports game to date. Fully-animated coaches, bench and scorer?s table?a first for any basketball game ever released. 29 NBA teams playing in 28 individually modelled and architecturally correct arena interiors?another first for any basketball game. Advanced AI creates true-to-life game situations, such as realistic team play-calling tendencies and accurate individual player reactions. More than 400 individually modeled players, with bone structures head shape, hairstyles and facial features matched perfectly. Characters respond to analog controls with a level of precision not previously seen in a sports game ? characters react depending on the amount of pressure the gamer applies. State-of-the-art animation algorithms incorporated to provide a true range of facial emotions, including frowns, smiles and bitter disappointments.
Playbooks designed by actual NBA coaches, with custom-designed strategies for each team. A polygonal crowd wears the home team?s colors, waves banners with players? names on them and responds to on-court action. Full game and season statistics, including player trading for realistic season simulation. Multi-player mode supports up to four players.

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