SEGA Europe announces Lionhead as new developer for Dreamcast.

SEGA Europe announces Lionhead as new developer for Dreamcast.

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London - (February 16th, 2000) - SEGA Europe announced today that it has signed Guildford based Lionhead studios to develop software for its 128-bit, Dreamcast, the most powerful video games console on the market.

Lionhead has committed to developing Black & White, the groundbreaking god based strategy game which has been designed by Peter Molyneux. The game-world is constructed using Lionhead?s revolutionary new, fully scalable, rotating, environment-mapped, modifiable landscape with an engine giving through-the-eye vision, bump mapping, light sourcing and reflections.

Lionhead have developed a new technology ? ?Gesture Recognition? technology ? which allows spells to be cast, practised and perfected by handset movement. To cast a firewall, for example, you must sweep the handset in a circle. From this gesture, Lionhead?s GR technology can sense the type of spell you wish to cast and (according to how accurately the spell was executed) determine how strong it was.

In addition, Black & White takes advantage of Dreamcast's internet capabilities, allowing multiplayers to compete against each other in real time. The title will be ready for Dreamcast by Christmas 2000.

Kazutoshi Miyake , Chief Operating Officer, Sega Europe commented:

"It is a further endorsement of Dreamcast?s success that Lionhead are going to develop the immensely popular title Black & White for the console. Lionhead are joining a growing number of the world?s leading games developers who are using the console?s multi purpose functions to take gaming to new levels.?

Peter Molyneux, Managing Director, Lionhead Studios, said:

?I have been very impressed with the technological capabilities of Dreamcast, so I am therefore delighted that we will be able to see Black & White on the console.

?This exciting platform will be able to make the very most of every aspect of the game from its strong visuals to its wide ranging multi player and network capabilities ? I can?t wait to play it on Dreamcast myself.?

For further information please contact:

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Jools Moore 0171 471 6839

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