The Birth of Dreameye

Sega Enterprises, Ltd. is to introduce Dreameye, an Internet digital video camera for Dreamcast.

Posted by Staff
Sega Enterprises, Ltd., (Head Office: Tokyo, President: Shoichiro Irimajiri) is to introduce Dreameye, an Internet digital video camera for Dreamcast, that delivers simple, high performance transmission of video images over the Internet at a low cost, thereby making possible the world?s first ever games-console real-time visual community.

Using Dreameye, a person can send a variety of personally created visual & audio imagery, including still photographs, to friends via e-mail (using videomail/photomail functions.) Furthermore, the system has been designed to allow easy processing and editing of photographs, and mail recipients can open their mail at their own convenience. With Internet connection and direct telephone number dialing, Dreameye also offers a fun video chat (TV telephone) function for connecting people in real time.

Additionally, Sega will play an active role in the development of an entirely new genre of software titles incorporating voice and image recognition technology as well as allowing users to make use of self-created audio visual images in games and network play.

In addition, an entirely new Internet website service scheduled to be run by ISAO Inc. will further expand these basic capabilities and make them more enjoyable.

By sending visual (audio) data to the exclusive Dreameye Internet site, it will be possible to enjoy a variety of services making use of images and voice in contrast to the ?written-based? communication services that predominate at present.

This website service is currently under development. However, it will be used as a visual customer support service to directly link the company and its customers as well as linking customers to each other, sharing ways to use Dreameye and ideas about including overseas development and also providing links between companies. Sega is confident that it is capable of initiating a full-scale revolution in electronic services in the near future and has the capacity to maintain and develop these advances to the fullest.

The birth of Dreameye will transform today?s TV game genres and network communication via the written word and voice into an entirely new world consisting of network entertainment and visual live communities.

The whole of the KDD group was actively involved in the development of Dreameye, using original technology developed by KDD.

KDD Technology Corporation successfully developed the software-only IP (Internet Protocol) videomail/videochat function, which is the major feature of Dreameye, using its high-speed processing capabilities and built-in modem functions. These functions can also be loaded as middleware into a variety of game software. The further diversification of Dreameye software is expected with the realization of multiple Internet communications.

High quality communication via a wide range of access lines from low-bit rate lines such as ordinary subscription telephones through to high-speed lines has been achieved using the image encoding MeeTwo (provisional name) developed by KDD Research Institute.

KDD has also participated in the network by providing a data-on-demand service for high-speed competitive games using the DWANGO system, and is also involved as the Dreamcast network?s preferred ISP in Japan.

PictureIQ Corporation (Head Office: Seattle, Washington, USA) and Sega jointly developed DreamPhotoFun, the processing and editing software for digital photographs. DreamPhotoFun allows one-button processing of photographs, the ability to add a variety of art and text and easy creation of greeting cards with digital photographs.

PictureIQ Corporation, established in the fall of 1998, develops embedded digital imaging software that brings advanced digital photo capabilities to Internet sites and consumer electronic devices. PictureIQ Corporation is the world?s sole third-party license holder for the core imaging technologies and video technologies from Adobe Systems, Inc., creator of industry-leading products including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premier.

CSK Research Institute is a member of the Sega Enterprises group of companies and developed Visualpark, an exclusive system disc that links and integrates all the software for the various Dreameye processes to enable smooth operation.

Visualpark provides a user-friendly interface that enables anyone in the family from children to grandparents to use the system easily.