TIGA Roars For Games Developers

New UK trade body for games developers is launched at London event by e-Minister Patricia Hewitt.

Posted by Staff
E-Minister Patricia Hewitt today launched TIGA, The Independent Games Developers Association for UK.

The new trade association, run by developers for developers, aims to keep the UK at the cutting edge of games development by offering advice and support and encouraging innovation.

Speaking at the launch in London today, e-Minister Patricia Hewitt said:

“The UK games development industry is expanding and maturing into a key sector in the economy. We have a world-class reputation as a creative and technical centre of excellence in games development.

“TIGA will represent and advise the UK’s games developers. It will help our companies to compete more effectively by encouraging innovation and sharing knowledge. I wish TIGA every success for the future.”

Sandy Duncan, Microsoft’s European VP for Xbox said:

“Developers are, by their nature, creative people and the risks they take day to day should be creative rather than commercial.

“We believe that TIGA can help the UK’s development community in this respect and are only too happy to do what we can to support the new organisation.”

Last year a group of games developers were brought together by Wired Sussex and the DTI for a series of discussions with the aim of setting up a network now know as TIGA. The association aims to benefit the commercial and creative interests of the UK games development industry through:

Encouraging a climate for investment in games development.
Providing professional advice, guidance, information, services and goods for its members.
Representing the games development industry to the legislative and regulatory process (e.g., lobbying for tax breaks similar to those available to the UK film industry).
Representing the sector in a positive light to the Government and the public.
Improving skills and training, professional standards and education within the games development industry.
Facilitating communication between the individuals and organisations within the games development industry (for instance by regular networking events).
Improving competitiveness and innovation within the games development industry.

With a number of key players in the industry already signed up as founder members the launch attracted a wide audience of developers keen to find out more, as well as significant interest from other big games industry names.

Speakers included e-Minister Patricia Hewitt, Microsoft’s European VP for Xbox, Sandy Duncan, and a number of TIGA’s founding members including Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux, Jez San of Argonaut and Kuju Entertainment’s Ian Baverstock.

Further information is available on the TIGA website at www.tiga.org.uk.