Blistering speeds and spectacular explosions - Codemasters' Heatseeker set to blow gamers away

Heatseeker's Impact CamTM delivers the thrill of watching expensive military machinery blown to bits – in hyper-real slow motion!

Posted by Staff
Explosions are good. However, watching state-of-the-art, military machines explode into blazing fireballs of fuel and molten metal in cinematic slow motion is better. While it’s been done on the ground, it’s time to take it into the stratosphere with Codemasters’ Heatseeker, taking off for Wii™, the PSP® (Playstation®Portable) and the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system in March 2007.

Heatseeker’s unique Impact Cam™ enables players to get up-close and personal with their kills in bullet-time. Lock-on to your target and fire. Hit it right and the Impact Cam™ will reward you with cinematic, flyby camera shots of your enemy disintegrating into blazing pieces.

Heatseeker’s exclusive camera action puts players right in the combat zone with all the intense face melting speed that comes from extreme close-quarters flight combat. Strap yourself in the cockpit, get the enemy in your sight, fire your weapons and experience what it feels like to be an angry missile screaming towards its ill fated target at over a 1000mph.

Andrew Wensley, Senior Producer of Heatseeker said,
“Heatseeker’s Impact Cam delivers the thrilling sensations that are usually reserved for Hollywood’s big budget movies. We want to give players the same explosive experience and special camera effects that make people want to go watch movies. I think Hollywood would be proud of Heatseeker.”

The effects don’t stop there; throughout the game players face a seemingly insurmountable number of enemy air, land and sea based defenses, all with a weak spot for your explosive payload. Heatseeker’s target-rich terrains will deform, blacken and ultimately fall apart as missile after missile detonates with laser guided accuracy. Just don’t aim for the friendlies…

Make use of the army’s finest current and near-future military machines with Heatseeker, coming on Wii™, the PSP® (Playstation®Portable) and the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system in March 2007. Take a look at your arsenal online at