Alan McDairmant

Got info on Alan McDairmant?
Born: Apr 1972

The bio that Alan sent to us read like something from a job application form. He tells us he's very versatile, having spent six years in the games industry as of late 2000. A lover of interactive media, he's progressed through the ranks of artist, animator, lead artist and producer. Late 2000 sees Alan in place as Senior Producer at Red Lemon. As well as being experienced in Project Management, Alan also has a penchant for sales and is trained in Human Resources.

Alan didn't give much away regarding his softography: project productions for the likes of Lego, Lead Animator on BBC's Wallace and Gromit's Funpack and something called The Fish That Could Wish are just the tip of the iceberg. It's probably modesty that prevents him from going into more detail. Alan, if you're reading this, why don't you get back in touch and give us your full softog?

Alan's favourite game of all time is the classic Elite. He doesn't say on which platform however, because as he stated to, "…it's the games that matter." A noble sentiment.

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Project Leader/Producer