Tony Fagelman

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Born: May 1961

Tony got involved in the industry during the late 1970's, when he self published his first adventure game. Having first taught himself to program on his father's Apple II2 machine.

In 1982, he was asked to run a retail games outlet and did so for two years, while continuing to design and write adventure games for the Sinclair Spectrum.
In 1984, Tony set up Sentient Software, the UK's first third-party development company.
The company was in business until 1989, during that time the company grew to be one of the most respected development companies in the UK, and produced over 100 titles on every platform available.

Tony was producer on all of these and was responsible for the original designs on many of the games. In 1989 the company ceased trading and Tony moved back into sales as European Sales Manager for a software solutions house.

In 1992, Tony was enticed back into games development when he joined Millennium Interactive as Development Manager. He stayed with them until 1994, producing over 20 titles on all available formats.

In 1994 Tony joined Virgin Interactive as General Manager, London Studios and during his time there was responsible for moving the studio from 16bit platform development to 32bit platforms.
In 1996 Tony joined News International as Development Director for News Multimedia, the CD-Rom publisher for the organisation. During his time at News, over 30 titles were released. Since leaving News in 1997, Tony has been involved in Internet development. In 2002, Tony designed and produced DevilQuest, an interactive marketing led game for Manchester United. It had limited success and the servcie was withdrawn in January 2003.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Tony Fagelman's first video game work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1984 title, "Summer Games" (C64) as Project Leader/Producer.

Tony's most recent involvement was as Game Design on the 1996 release "Defcon 5" (PlayStation).

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