Terry Cattrell

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Terry Cattrell is a self-taught animation specialist. From 1988 Terry spent four years training in the conventional techniques of cell based animation, when in the early 90's he became interested in computer based animation and became an expert in the Wavefront and 3D studio modelling and animation systems. Terry Cattrell's first employment in the computer game industry began in January 1992 as an animator/computer graphic artist at Arc Developments. Terry pioneered the use of 3D animation software at Arc and his specialisation in 3D graphics led him to become responsible for 3D graphic research and development. While at Arc, Terry was the animation director for the TV production of 'Joe Razz' and the computer games 'the Incredible Hulk' and 'WWF Wrestling'. In November 1993, Terry joined the computer game development company Graftgold as head of the animation department. Terry's first responsibility was to convert the art department to 3D graphic software and to teach the resident staff the appropriate skill set required for the new system. While at Graftgold, Terry took graphic lead on 3 projects, 'Empire Soccer', Moto X and Dragon Lore. In September 1994, Terry became head of the art department at the renowned computer game development company The Bitmap Bros.

Terry was lead artist on two projects, 'Chaos engine 2' and the number one selling game 'Z'. In May 1997 Terry joined Bullfrog Productions to become animation director for the development team responsible for the 'Theme' series of games. While at Bullfrog Terry was responsible for the character design and development on two projects, 'Dungeon Keeper 2' and the third product in the Theme series, 'Theme Resort'.

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Artist/Animator/Modeller 94 - 96