Carl Schnurr

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Carl has brought counter-terrorism to harrowing 3-D life by overseeing the production of both Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six and its sequel, Rogue Spear. Carl is a stickler for research; in preparing the realistic Rainbow Six character movements, he took the rest of his production team to a real-life shooting range, where they learned the nuances of combat. Before joining the company, he was Vice President of Game Development for Fringe Multimedia, Inc., a Chapel Hill-based software and web site development startup.

While there, Carl oversaw the production of games and educational titles, as well as the development of, an award-winning web site. His gaming experience also includes having written numerous role-playing game supplements for White Wolf’s popular Ars Magica game. Outside of the gaming world, Carl’s background is just as unique: he has written manuals for shuttle astronauts in the aerospace industry, holds a Ph.D. and master’s degree in physics from Duke University, and a bachelor of science degree in physics from the University of Texas at Austin.

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