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Zurovec's commercial programming career began in 1989 as a UNIX systems programmer for a small company in San Antonio, Texas. In 1990 he joined Origin Systems as a core programmer for “Ultima VII”, rising to the rank of lead programmer for the next iteration of the series, “Ultima VIII.” Zurovec's desire to create a new product line and promising track record enabled him to convince the company to give him the financial backing to pursue a project of his own design. The result was “Crusader: No Remorse,” a critically acclaimed and award-winning project that Zurovec conceived and led to completion, acting as both director and lead programmer. The game racked up industry awards, including 1996 Action Game of the Year from Computer Gaming World, PC Entertainment, and Computer Games Strategy Plus.

“No Remorse’s” unique top-down perspective and mixture of non-stop action and extraordinary graphics proved enduring to its fans, reaching number one on Computer Gaming World’s Readers Choice charts where it stayed for a staggering ten months. Sales of the game have reached 300,000 units on the PC version alone and are still climbing. Following this successful debut, Tony created his own production group within Origin. He produced the Sony Playstation and the Sega Saturn versions of “No Remorse” while simultaneously producing and directing its PC sequel, “Crusader: No Regret.”

Completed in September 1996, the sequel provrf to be even more popular than its esteemed predecessor, reaching 350,000 units in only six months. Shortly after “No Regret’s” release, the January 1997 Computer Gaming World Readers Choice charts listed “No Remorse” and “No Regret” as two of the top three action titles. The “Crusader” product line has sold a total of 800,000 units worldwide and generated $20 million in revenue.

Tony Zurovec, 31, is producer and director for Digital Anvil. Zurovec grew up teaching himself to program on a wide range of different computers, the driving force behind his attraction to the industry always being video games.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Tony Zurovec's first video game work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1994 title, "Ultima VIII: Pagan" (PC) as Lead Programmer.

Tony's most recent involvement was as Original Concept on the 2001 release "Loose Cannon" (PC).

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