Chris Johnson

Got info on Chris Johnson?
Born: Jan 1971

It seems that Chris is a bit of a minimalist. Not to say that the games he's worked on are spartan products, oh no. Truly, there was a squeal of delight from one of our team on sight of Chris' roll call of games. It's just that either he's very modest about who he is and what he does, or he's on the run from the law. What he has told us is that he's currently a Senior Producer (he hasn't told us where) and, as of late 2000, is working on a Men In Black game. His platform of choice is the ZX81 but the mysterious Mr Johnson doesn't say which game is his favourite.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Chris Johnson's first video game work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1985 title, "Lords of Midnight" (PC) as Project Leader/Producer.

Chris's most recent involvement was as Artist/Animator/Modeller on the 2000 release "Silver" (Dreamcast).

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