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British born games making and cartoon producing legend Mel Croucher is the kind of human that, in 2013, the UK games industry is crying out for. The thing is that Mel was born in 1948. In his time he worked on:

Blind Joe Death (1971)
PiMan (1981)
PiMan’s Greatest Hits Too (1983)
Deus Ex Machina, with Ian Dury (1984)
Pibolar Disorder (2010)
Deus Ex Machina 2, with Christopher Lee (2011)

producer, Whitbread Quiz, Radio Victory (1978-1979)
Magic Micro Mission, as Uncle Groucho, Granada TV (1983)
presenter, The Day Of The Technopath, Dispatches, Channel 4 (1986)
record reviewer, Micronet800, as Doreen Hindley (1986-1989)
writer and performer, Uncle Mel’s Hotline, (1987-1989)

Namesakes, with Jon Pertwee (1985)
Zygote, monthly computer column (1987 to date)
Sam Coupé, how to program (1989)
editor, European Computer Trade Year Book (1990-1993)
Easy AMOS, Educational Computer Book of the Year (1993)
AMOS Professional, Programming Manual of the Year (1994)
Email Direct Maketing, Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (1999)
Rants And Raves, monthly computer column (2003 to date)
Deus Ex Machina: The Greatest Game You Never Played In Your Life(2013)

No Nose O’Toole, SF collection (1977)
Herberts, SF novel (1979)
Tamara Knight, SF serial (1987-1988)
Without Prejudice, comedy serial (1987-1988)
The Rubber Room, comedy serial (1986-1987)
Hack To The Future, comedy serial (1988)
Under The Baudwalk, technophobic serial (1988-1989)
Devil's Acre, historic novel (awaiting publication)

+ CARTOON STRIPS, with Robin Evans
101 Uses Of A Dead Cruise Missile (1984)
Great Moments In Computing, (1987 to date)
Frozen Stiffs (1987-1988)
Mercy Dash (1987-1988)

Concept, design and production of lots of computer games and utilities (1981 to date)
Can Of Worms
Love And Death
Deus Ex Machina
Deus Ex Machina 2
as Consultant to Europress Software:
Klik & Play (Multimedia Product of the Year 1995)
Klik & Create (Multimedia Product of the Year 1996)
Fun School (educational software 1995 to 2000)

first video games company in UK, Automata (November 1977
first multi-media guides, English Tourist Board and others (1977-79)
first broadcast series of computer data via FM radio (1977-1980)
founder of first UK leisure software house (Automata 1977-1985)
first broadcast series of computer data via AM radio (1981)
first computer game stereo soundtrack (Can of Worms Program of the Year 1981)
first real-time leisure guides, for Prestel (1983)
first real-time multi-media computer game (Deus Ex Machina Program of the Year 1984)
first interactive rock music album (See Me, Hear Me, Touch Me 1986)
first million-user internet marketing campaign, for Duracell (1994)
first interactive screen saver, for Nestlé Kit Kat (1995)
first CD-ROM saturation marketing campaign (1999-2001)

Partner, Pioneer Design, Stockholm (1970-71)
Architect, Sir William Halcrow & Partners (1975-77)
Managing Director, Automata Ltd. (1977-1985)
CEO, Mel Croucher Ltd. (1984-1988)
Partner, Adware (1988-1993)
CEO, Adware Interactive Marketing Ltd. (1993-98)
CEO, Advanced Interactive Marketing Ltd. (1997-2000)
Chairman, Ltd. (2000-2007)
Founder, (2000 to date)
Grand Wazoo, Automata Source Ltd (2012 to date)

The above referenced from Mel himself.

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