Richard Melmon

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Rich Melmon co-founded Electronic Arts with Trip Hawkin. Both were convinced that video gaming would become bigger than movies. A dispute with Hawkins resulted in Melmon leaving Electronic Arts, and he joined advertising executive, Tom Tawa, to form Melmon Tawa & Partners. This advertising and marketing firm worked for Sun Microsystems, Adobe, Frame Technology, Xilinx, Chips & Technologies, Stratacom, and many other prominent firms. It was sold to Livingston & Company in 1990.

Melmon created a small software venture called Objective Software. The product was SpreadBase, which was distributed in late 1992. The company was sold to Asymetrix, a Paul Allen (joint founder of Microsoft) company, in 1993.

Melmon sensed the increasing importance of the Internet, he rejoined Regis McKenna (A marketing firm), as a partner in the McKenna Group, which specialised in developing corporate strategies for growth in the Internet age. Melmon's clients included IBM, Ameritech, and Procter & Gamble, Sony, Matsushita, Fujitsu, Toshiba and many smaller start-up companies. His focus was to help these firms deal with the impact the early internet was having on businesses.

In 1999 Melmon then went on to become the founder of NetService Ventures, a small venture fund. Its most successful investments included, Commerce One, SatMetrix, Serus and Big Fix. This fund eventually led to the formation of his current partnership, NSVG, founded in 2002.

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