Chris Ferriera

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My name is Chris Ferriera, Iím the lead designer on Army of Two by EA Montreal. Iíve been doing games for almost 10 years now, and at first I didnít think I could get into this industry when I did Ė I thought it was a Japanese-only thing. My whole life Iíve played games, whether it was Warhammer or pencil and paper RPGs, but the thing isÖ I never played them so much as I Ďraní them. I always wanted to run the game, tell the story and tell people where to goÖ and you know I was game designing [as a kid], and changing rules that didnít work and all that stuff, not realising that what I was doing could be a part of my future. I enjoyed doing it Ė my first title was Batman Vengeance and working on systems stuff. I love designing systems and rules and finding loopholes and all that.

Iíve been working at EA since 2002; I did all the Lord of the Rings movie-based games, then The Godfather, and now Iím doing Army of Two.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Chris Ferriera's first video game work that SPOnG is aware of is the 2001 title, "Batman: Vengeance" (PS2) as Art/Design Management. Of the titles listing Chris within the credits , "The Godfather" (Xbox), "The Godfather" (PS2), "Army of Two" (PS3) and "Army of Two" (Xbox 360) have been best selling titles.

Chris's most recent involvement was as Art/Design Management on the 2008 release "Army of Two" (Xbox 360).

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