Iain McNeil

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Born: Mar 1973
Website: www.slitherine.co.uk

Since an early age Iain’s been “mad about games”. He’s had a console or computer since the age of six and has been playing games ever since.

Iain’s also a big fan of tabletop war games. He now plays in competitions and in the European Championships.

Iain stayed at school to do A-levels and then went to the UEA to study environmental science. He left university with no idea what he wanted to do and then a friend of his working at Intelligent Games offered him a job as a tester for a summer. Apparently, Iain wasn't really bothered about the job, but had nothing else to do, so he went along with it and that’s where it all started.

Since then, Iain’s been a level designer, game designer, team leader and producer and now he can’t imagine what he'd do if he didn’t work in the games industry!

He left Intelligent Games after five years on a high after just completing Dune 2000. He was looking for a new challenge so he joined Eidos as a producer. He worked on some great games whilst working there (Urban Chaos and Deus Ex), but didn’t really enjoy it as much. He likes to be involved in the day to day decisions and design meetings that you just don’t get to be a part of at a publisher, so after a year he decided to go back to development.

Iain left to join one of the developers he had been the producer for - Slitherine Software. Things are going great at Slitherine as it’s a small team of very talented people, so expect big things from this company.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Iain McNeil's first video game work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1995 title, "Sim Isle" (PC) as Production. Of the titles listing Iain within the credits , "Deus Ex" (PC) has been a best selling title.

Iain's most recent involvement was as Project Leader/Producer on the 2000 release "Deus Ex" (PC).

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