Street Fighter 2 - The Rock Opera Available for Download

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A group of lovely souls called Manfactory has released a rock opera based on the classic Street Fighter 2 beat-'em-up.

According to Nintendolife, "It tells the story of both Ken and Chun Li, separate tales but intertwined with all twelve of the game's playable characters. Chun Li is out to avenge her father's death at the hands of M.Bison, while Ken is having some girl problems with that ladies man Ryu. Fans of The Protomen will know what they're in for here, and it's great to see some other classic titles get lovingly retold in such a glorious, rocking and operatic fashion."

Here's a tracklisting to give you an idea of what to expect:

1. ken surfaces 01:23
2. ken hitches a ride 02:28
3. ryu's concern 03:49
4. ken settles the score 03:55
5. bison inside 04:39
6. maria's letter 03:33
7. pilot sonata 04:40
8. one fight in bangkok 05:27
9. i hope you are prepared to die 01:18
10. vega revealed 02:41
11. chun li in red 07:13

Get it here

via NintendoLife

And here's another Man Factory track to get you started:


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