Square Enix Clamps Down On Jailbroken Device Users

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Square Enix Clamps Down On Jailbroken Device Users
Some fans and more importantly some people who have bought Deus Ex: The Fall with actual money but are playing the game on jailbroken devicse are up in arms - or the opposite in fact.

This is because they aren't able to fire a weapon while playing Deus Ex: The Fall - they're presented with a message that reads "We are sorry but you can't fire on jailbroken devices". This is quite a controversial move from Square Enix, considering that jailbroken device users are allowed to legally purchase, run and play the game.

What are your views on the situation? Should precautions like this be put in place to stop jailbreaking, or should consumers be allowed to choose what they do with their own hardware?

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