Ipswich Arts Festival Remodels Town as Zelda Map

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Ipswich Arts Festival Remodels Town as Zelda Map
Ipswich knows how to rock, gamer style. It's annual not-for-profit arts and music festival, called Switch Fringe, has taken a rather unique direction with the town map included in its event programme. As you can see, the map has been designed like a Legend of Zelda stage.

According to a report via Slashdot, "This is in part due to this year's theme 'Re-imagining Ipswich,' that PixelH8 is coming out of semi-retirement to play a gig during the proceedings and possibly due to the fact that the map's designer The Decibel Kid spent too much time playing Zelda on a Gameboy Color during the first Web bubble."

It's always good to see people get inspired by video games in a positive way. Even if it is in the form of a simple town map. Good work, all round. You can learn more about the Switch Fringe by clicking here.


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