GameStop Scraps Pre-Orders for Rainbow Six: Patriots

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GameStop Scraps Pre-Orders for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Something strange is going on at US retailer GameStop. The chain has decided to chuck out all pre-orders for Ubisoft's upcoming squad shooter, Rainbow Six: Patriots, leading some to suggest that the publisher is having some trouble with the project.

It could simply be the case that GameStop is being a bit odd about things, given that pre-orders on Amazon and UK retailer GAME are still active. Regardless, OXM suspects that the game may have suffered a terminal fate.

Ubisoft ominously responded to requests for comment with the phrase, "we have nothing further to share about Rainbow 6: Patriots at this time." Seeings as we last saw the game in November 2011, that's a lot of time spent in sharing absolutely nothing. Hopefully more news will filter out soon.


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