Dishonored Vid Still Can't Spell 'Dishonoured' but Looks Great

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Dishonored Vid Still Can't Spell 'Dishonoured' but Looks Great
Of late there's been much conjecture about whether video games are art or can ever be art or have been art or even Art. We don't get involved in that sort of a thing. We prefer to watch developers talk about whether their games are awesome and interactive and involving.

Take for example the following video, which is all about taking Cyberpunkish Dishonored (sic) from Concept to Cash. What does not get mentioned however, is why - with all that money spent on the game - they could not get their localisation right and so still look illterate in the spelling of the title. Anyway, read our Dishonoured review here before diving head first into the wonderful world of developers talking awesomely about their game (which is, to be fair, very good).



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