Remastered Sonic 1 Coming to iOS and Android in April

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Remastered Sonic 1 Coming to iOS and Android in April
SEGA is preparing to re-release Mega Drive classic Sonic the Hedgehog on iOS and Android next month. But why? It's already available on mobile platforms. Well, this is a special remaster of the original, with 60FPS and widescreen support.

The updated iOS/Android game will also come with a brand new time attack mode, and a remastered soundtrack. It is likely that the programmer behind the recent Sonic CD XBLA/PSN/iOS remaster, Christian Whitehead, is involved - the developer tweeted that he was preparing a build for GDC without actually being present at the event.

Mobile specialist website Android Police reported on the story, so we only know of iOS and Android versions right now. But don't be surprised to see XBLA and PSN editions of the game appear at some point in the future.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is also planned to receive the same modern treatment, but SEGA gave no further details as to what to expect with the sequel - or when.

Source: Android Police (via The Sonic Stadium)


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