Video - Justin Bieber Playable in NBA 2K13

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Video - Justin Bieber Playable in NBA 2K13
Yeah, yeah, we know that pop star Justin Bieber is the absolute worst human being ever to walk the face of this or any other planet during any time period. We get that. We're "cool" and we "know real music". But he is a playable character in a basketball game! NBA 2k2013 to be exact.

And there's actual video of this amazingly non-cynical cross-overs between pointless star and sport for the attention deficit generation. It's bloody funny to watch as well, so enjoy yourself and - if really necessary - you can use that enjoyment energy for good.

Also check out the screenshot and ask yourself: What the hell has happened to Justin's hand!?

Thanks G4TV


Luke 3 Oct 2012 14:46
This is the best day ever.
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