Free Tekken Tattoo if You Buy the Game and Go to London to a Specific Parlour

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We really, really, really want several thousand people to turn up at the "World famous Frith St. Tattoo studio in the heart of Soho, London" to get their "free Tekken Tag Tournament 2 "inspired tattoo". And we want to see pictures.

Why? It is because, well, as an offer it is so specific that it would be excellent to see it put to the ultimate test. However, our plan is already foiled.

The blurb says, that the "Frith St. Tattoo studio (will) give the first five people that turn up with a copy of the game a free Tekken inspired tattoo voucher* worth up to 300. Simply turn up to the Soho studio on September 14th with a copy of the game, browse through the Tekken inspired images from the official Tekken artists and book your appointment."

Let's have a look at that caveat... "*The public will receive a TTT2 co-branded voucher where they have 3 months to redeem it and have a Tekken inspired tattoo. This opportunity is only available on day of release."

Go on then, free tat. Why not.


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