V for Vendetta Man Directs Guild Wars 2 Advert

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V for Vendetta Man Directs Guild Wars 2 Advert
Popular culture: games, movies, comics, youth in revolt, they're cannibalistic. So, it should come as no surprise that NCSoft and ArenaNet have decided to co-opt the idea of revolution against the corporations to sell its product, Guild Wars 2 and is using James McTeigue (V for Vendetta) to direct its advert.

The advert (or 'Vignette' if you're 343 Industries and Microsoft with Halo 4) doesn't actually feature any of your actual game-play. We're proposing that this is because using video game footage to advertise a video game would be like using actual footage of an Audi in actual day-to-day traffic rather than racing down a perfectly clear road in a lovely, verdant, unspoiled hill-scape.

See for yourself, the following advert will tell you more about advertising and the fact that James McTeigue will, like the rest of the world, work for money. Enoyeeeeee!



Shane K. Firth 11 Sep 2012 09:22
If i wasn't already loving the living s**t out of GW2 I would not play it based on that advert, seeing as it has virtually nothing to do with the game except for those last fifteen or so seconds.
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