Breaking BBC Report: Gamer Completes Game

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Breaking BBC Report: Gamer Completes Game
You know that video games have made it as an accepted form of entertainment when mainstream media reports on the most banal events. Like, completing a game. Have you been approached by CNN for finishing Halo Reach on Legendary? No? Well, maybe you should have been playing Diablo III.

The BBC reports that "a pro player has managed to complete the game on its hardest setting". Hooray.

Not to take anything away from the player - Toronto-based 'Kripparrian' (which we're sure is not his real name) - as the feat was accomplished a mere month after the release of Diablo III, by playing as a 'hard core' character in 'Inferno' mode. That guy's got some serious skills. Blizzard even congratulated him. Well done, Kripps (can we call you Kripps?).

But if you need any proof that the weeks between E3 and Gamescom are pretty much dead for news, you need only look at this.


Telentis 21 Jun 2012 11:51
Doesn't the BBC have anything better to do?
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