Bossa Studios Working on Merlin Facebook Game

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Bossa Studios Working on Merlin Facebook Game
Prepare to get spellbound on your Facebook account - social games developer Bossa Studios is working on a new title for the website that focuses on the BBC fantasy drama Merlin.

Players will be able to fight with each other against waves of evil forces that will try to take down Camelot. It'll launch in the Autumn, but a closed beta will start next month at Comic-Con International, which runs from 12-15th July.

Bossa Studios' creator-in-chief Imre Jele explains a bit about the game - "Players can explore magical lands while adventuring alongside trusty allies in the Crystal Cave, knocking out ferocious WIlddeoren rats or uniting with one of their favourite characters like Merlin or Arthur."

Sounds like fun? You can sign up to take part at Gotta love the caricatures.


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