You Cannot Blame Video Games for This

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You Cannot Blame Video Games for This
Okay, sure, the whole Lara Croft sexism, attempted rape story makes for interesting cultural chatter: video games company launches horrible trailer then talks about it in the same way as someone from the 1950s. But the jelly, wrestling gals and guys at the Devil's Playground in LA, well, there's nothing we can do about that.

The LA Weekly is running a story about the town's "all girl burlesque and wrestling show Devil's Playground" and its use of video game characters. We can only presume it's unlicensed...

Says the Weekly:

"L.A.'s own all girl burlesque and wrestling show Devil's Playground aims to please. This weekend they took hot versions of your favorite video game characters and made them fight. Courtney Cruz as Metroid/Samus took on Olivia Bellafontaine as Lara Croft, Sin Fisted as Sub Zero challenged Dixie Demure as Crimson Viper to a stripping match, and the main event was a tag team match between Truvy Trollop as Miss Pacman and Audrey Deluxe as Princess Peach partnered up with the mini girl wrestlers Lil Kim and Christeenie as blue ghost and mushroom. Kitty Cadillac worked the pole with her skills between matches to keep the party going. All photos by Nanette Gonzales."

Now the question here is, what's the problem? Is there a problem? To the Forum unless you're a lawyer for Nintendo, Square, Nintendo or... the list goes on.

Source: LA Weekly


DoctorDee 18 Jun 2012 14:11
But Burlesque is art, and not titillation, or fannylation either. It is performed by empowered, emancipated post-ironic women, so it is above criticism and beyond reproach. Nothing to see here, move along.
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