Game Of Thrones Story and Protagonists Trailer Hits!

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Game Of Thrones Story and Protagonists Trailer Hits!
Cyanide's new RPG based on the Game of Thrones books (yes, we know) and the hit HBO TV series has a new trailer thank the gods!

"This new trailer will immerse you in the heart of the intrigue of the Game of Thrones RPG, a story tainted by treachery and backstabbing! Guided by vengeance, allegiance, honor and family, the two heroes of the game ? Mors, sworn brother of the Night?s Watch, and the red priest Alester ? will travel across Westeros and its most famous locales to accomplish life-changing quests. From the Wall to King?s Landing, the destiny of our two heroes weaves a complex tale as they meet famous figures, discover plots and conspiracies, all the while seeking answers to their questions."

Also, as we're based in Yorkshire, we say "Up the Starks!!"


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