CAVE Has A Huge Shooting Game in the Works

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CAVE Has A Huge Shooting Game in the Works
CAVE's development head Makoto Asada is dreaming up a brand new shoot'em up project. What is it, though? Nobody knows but the developer it seems - he talked about his plans to Famitsu Xbox 360 magazine this month, but provided no details. In fact, barely anyone at CAVE knows about the project!

Whatever it is, there's a chance it won't be arriving on home consoles. Which is ironic, considering the publication that Asada decided to speak to. According to Andriasang, he noted that focusing on one particular platform is quickly becoming a meaningless endeavour. In the future, CAVE will release games wherever the most users are.

This follows similar comments made by the studio's biggest developers when SPOnG visited back in November. You can read our interview with smartphone developer head Yukihiro Masaki here, and CEO Tsuneki Ikeda here.


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