Deadly Premonition Coming to PlayStation 3

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Deadly Premonition Coming to PlayStation 3
Marvelous Interactive's rather obtuse action-thriller, Deadly Premonition, is going to get a PlayStation 3 port after all. The game's executive producer, Yasuhiro Wada, made the reveal during his GDC presentation this week.

The news comes as Wada announced a collaboration of sorts with the original game's director, Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro. "We're working on a PS3 release. We still have a few hurdles to overcome, but hopefully we'll be able to show you something at E3," he said.

Deadly Premonition was released on the Xbox 360 way back in 2010 under the Rising Star Games label. It was a game that divided many gamers - partly because it was crap, and partly because it was so crap it was good. Think Twin Peaks: The Game and you're kind of there really.

The bizarre cutscenes in the game are now something of internet legend, here's a good one for you to watch over lunch. Check out that banging kazoo.

Source: IGN


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