PopCap Cut All iPhone Games To A Bargain 69p

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Waste your weekend for even less cash!
Waste your weekend for even less cash!
Got an iPhone? Maybe some spare time this weekend? Why not pick up a few PopCap games? The company that rarely discounts its prices has today cut its games across the board to 69p/99c.

No doubt this is inspired by its new owners EA, a company that isn't afraid of heavily dropping their prices with alarming regularity. Games like Plants vs. Zombies, Peggle and Bejewelled will now cost you less than the price of a Mars Bar. Other games are also available for much less than normal, as are a selection of iPad releases.

Following its purchase by EA in July, this is the first sign that PopCap is taking an aggressive stance to get its games on every iOS device out there. The plans to enslave humanity by keeping them entertained with bouncing balls and undead-destroying flora continue apace.

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