Chrono Trigger for Wii Today

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Chrono Trigger for Wii Today
Chrono Trigger, yes indeedy, Chrono Trigger is coming onto the Wii today on Virtual Console. This will cheer the hearts of SNES owners the world over.

In case you're too young for that, the plan is to "Help Crono find his way home via the outer edges of time, after being transported into the past."

The DSi also gets something for the DSi Shop with the dungeon exploration outing, GO Series Picdun.

Square's Chrono Trigger costs 900 Wii Points. GO Series Picdun

Picdun will cost you 500 Nintendo DSi Points.

There is also a Nintendo DSiWare Calculator available from Cinemax for 200 Nintendo DSi Points. It, "handles 135 measurement units and constants of most types which ordinary people use every day, including length, weight, temperature, speed, volume, area, and time."


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