Final Fantasy Love-in Continues: Type-0 Trailer

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Final Fantasy Love-in Continues: Type-0 Trailer
Lest we forget that a) Final Fantasy XIII-2 and FF Versus XIII aren't the only FF titles coming out and b) the NGP isn't the only handheld Sony has in its arsenal, Square Enix has put out a new trailer for FF Type-0 for the PSP.

You can see it below. You can also see new images from XIII-2 here and a new trailer for Versus XIII here.


cornelius 28 Jan 2011 20:32
yea this looks like final fantasy is returning to greatness! As I have been disappointed with the series as of late, they lost the core foundation of the game. anyone hear anything else about the multiplayer for Final Fantasy Type-0? all I could find on it was this
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