Video Games Addiction? Now You Can Snort Them

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Video Games Addiction? Now You Can Snort Them
So, what have been missing from games since the scratch'n'sniff card that came with the classic Leather Goddesses of Phobos? That's right, a $69.99 machine that enables you to smell your game.

The machine comes from a company called ScentSciences. Here's what the company says about it's obviously esscential (sic) product, "Simply connect the Plug-N-Play unit to any compatible PC or gaming console for an instant experience of sight, sound and smell.

"Using the ScentScape digital scent delivery system, the ScentEditor is an easy to use application which provides the tools to add scent during the editing process of home videos.

"In the gaming environment, synched with the action, scent-enabled media directs the release of ScentScape scents providing background scents such as pine forest or ocean and from more scene related scents such as flowers and smoke to games or entertainment media..."

Source: ScentSciences


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