Sonic 2 HD Fan Project Looking Gorgeous

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Sonic 2 HD Fan Project Looking Gorgeous
A group of Sonic the Hedgehog fans have been beavering away at making a high-definition version of Mega Drive classic Sonic 2. A full reveal was made over the weekend with the release of a teaser trailer that gives many of us nostalgic goosebumps.

Watch the video below. It's looking very pretty.

We are seriously quite impressed that Sega has yet to release the hounds on this project yet, but as it draws ever nearer to completion things may get legally fuzzy. Nonetheless, an alpha version of the game is apparently due sometime in Q1 2011, and we're looking forward to it.


Leebro 9 Feb 2011 16:35
Woah great going guys its probably gonna be bigger than sonic fan remix
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