Michael Jackson Experience Wii - Hand in Glove?

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Michael Jackson Experience Wii - Hand in Glove?
The story of Ubisoft's Michael Jackson: The Experience just gets more and more ghoulish. The next chapter in the tale explains that some early purchasers of the Wii version will also get to pretend that they actually have the King of Pop's hand!

Yes, get the Wii version early and you get a glove (pictured) "that is reminiscent of the iconic glove worn by the legendary Michael Jackson during his most memorable performances."

It's "reminiscent", as in, it reminds you of another glove... and hand.

"The special edition gloves will only be available at launch, further enhancing the magic felt by the King of Pop's fans as they dance to his greatest hits in environments inspired by his ground-breaking music videos and unforgettable live performances", says the press release.

In case you've not got the point that the Wii version of the game might need this kind of help, Tony Key, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Ubisoft rams the point home, "Consumers are encouraged to either pre-order Michael Jackson The Experience early or make sure to purchase the title on day one in order to get this special edition glove as we're sure it will sell out quickly."

And remember that the The Michael Jackson The Experience track list contains every single track the KoP ever recorded... no it doesn't. It contains:
-Beat It
-Billie Jean
-Black or White
-Dirty Diana
-Earth Song
-Rock with You
-Smooth Criminal
-Speed Demon
-The Girl Is Mine
-They Don't Care About Us
-Who Is It
-Workin' Day and Night

Which leaves loads and loads of room for premium DLC.


raquel 4 Nov 2010 00:01
the games is great!, but I thank they should have the two song that everyne
likes the song are MAN IN THE MIRROR and HUMAN NATURE, micheal jackson is known for humanites . thats what I think for a price of $49.99 Wii
games. P.S

michael jackson always sings those song in concerts ,I thinks would have wanted eveone sings Man in the Mirror .
Cfan 8 Nov 2010 11:32
yay, no chance of leaving incriminating fingerprints.
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