Zynga Worth More than EA

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Zynga Worth More than EA
According to an evaluation by SharesPost.Inc, of Farmville maker, Zynga, is now worth more than Electronic Arts - at least in terms of share value.

The ever-popular Facebook game developer has been valued at an estimated $5.51 billion compared to Electronic Arts whose valuation calculated by its NASDAQ stock price puts it at $5.22 billion to date.

It should be remembered that Zynga is not a publicly traded company and therefore its valuation is based solely on its share value or shares purchased by investors.

Seems like the farming of virtual crops is all it takes to become one of the biggest virtual business heavyweights in the Western hemisphere. Is it only a matter of time before EA launches its own Facebook counter attack to Farmville and the like? Keep on checking SPOnG where we'll have future updates on the situation as long as we can make sure we cultivate a healthy crop of virtual corn for Christmas time.

Source: Bloomberg business week


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If ever something called for Kurt Russell and Escape from New York Style World Wide EPG Weapon, its Zynga Games!
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