Quake III Arena XBLA Coming Soon - Passes Aussie Ratings Board

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Quake III Arena XBLA Coming Soon - Passes Aussie Ratings Board
Still waiting for Quake III Arena for the Xbox Live Arcade? Don't worry, we all are - but it might not be so far away now. The Australian Ratings Board has recently passed the game on its website. The rating is 15+, if you're interested (you're not).

What you are interested in, is what this means for the game's release. Ratings systems often hint at upcoming games as approvals are usually the last thing a publisher needs to do before actually selling the game.

In case you forgot, Quake III Arena Arcade will feature over 35 classic and brand-new maps, taken from the original release and the Team Arena expansion. The game's slowed down to allow for easier control thanks to the lack of a keyboard and mouse. The rating doesn't detail its exact release, but it should be any time soon now...

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MRXBOX n VAN BC 20 Oct 2010 01:33
Hey i told you guys to start recycling all the old games for the maps along time ago . Kudos for final getting smart . Every game that gets released should be able to be used even when they are from different centuries . If i had a game like RTCW and i could travel threw a Star gate and play WWII in space on a really cool map . WELL BEAM ME UP SCOTTY !! I 'd still be buying maps for old Wolfenstein !!! Still the Gran daddy of all shooters !!!
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