FIFA 11 Marketing Shoot for Moon

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FIFA 11 Marketing Shoot for Moon
EA has debuted its newest advert in promotion for the release of FIFA 11 this October. Seeing as we're all eager to see anything FIFA 11 right now, let's have a look at.

The ad was show during the Premiership fixture between Manchester United and Liverpool yesterday afternoon on Sky Sports and ran for its full duration of two minutes.

Helping the promotion along its way were famous footballers and an adulterer. Faces included Wayne Rooney and Kaka as well as other prominent players such as Real Madrid's Mesut Ozil, Karim Benzema, and Andres Iniesta of Barcelona.

It is not unusual for EA to stir up hype for its yearly instalments of the franchise and this appears to be no different with possibly the biggest marketing push yet. See for yourself by checking out the video for the ad down below.

Source: MCV


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