Hilarious Lemmings Prankster Video

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Hilarious Lemmings Prankster Video
Some things need little explanation. This one needs a bit. We were sent the following tip this week regarding a video by John Hargrave, a video of Lemmings.. real life Lemmings.

The tip pointed us to John's vid, and brief explanation of which goes...

"We shot this video on a beautiful summer day in Boston, with dozens of people stopping us to ask why we were dressed up like Vegas showgirl graduates. A few people got the reference and shouted, "LEMMINGS!" which some of us found insulting, because we're quite capable of thinking for ourselves."

Enough words... just watch it.

Nice one to the Zug pranksters!



tyrion 8 Sep 2010 18:25
Aww! No traps!
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