Video Game Condoms Let You Get Your 1-Up

Posted by Staff
Hooray for sexually active nerds! Visual Communications student Ben Marsh has spent some time creating a new brand of video game-themed condoms, for the nerdcore among us.

Called 'Play,' these prophylactics offer rubbers for almost any occasion, each individually decorated in a Game Boy cartridge box that features some sort of gaming related innuendo. There are six types of condom in the Game Boy-designed box: Ribbed ("The Long End of Zelda"); Heat ("Dong"); Tingle ("Bone Zone 2"); Thin ("Super Mario Land of Love"); X-Safe ("Sextris") and Large ("Donkey Schlong").

Check out the images here, and Ben's website, for the shockingly good designs - including an excellent 'how to use' comic strip inside the box. We definitely need to see these on store shelves - Nintendo's a family company, it should totally get in on this.


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