Yakuza 4 Gets Punchy Instant Ramen

Posted by Staff
Yakuza 4 Gets Punchy Instant Ramen
Continuing the trend with past games in the series, Sega has announced a tie-up with Japanese food company AceCook for Yakuza 4. The result? A special game-branded box of instant ramen.

The Kyushu Ichibanboshi: Noukou Kuromayu Tonkotsu Ramen will cost 220 and go on sale a couple of days after the 18th March launch of Yakuza 4. There's a fictional ramen shop in the game called Ichibanboshi, which is why the real-world item is themed the way it is.

It follows an announcement by Sega to team up with Japanese restaurant Matsuya for Yakuza 4, with special promotional curry being handed out in another brand tie-up.


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