Tony Hawk Reveals New Upcoming Project

Posted by Staff
Tony Hawk, not skateboarding.
Tony Hawk, not skateboarding.
We have some sad news for you, kids. Take a seat, this could be quite concerning for most of you. It appears that Tony Hawk, famous skater 'dude', is in talks to make another video game.

Writing on Twitter, as pretty much every celebrity does these days, Hawk reveals that he has “Just met with robomodo about our next project and it's already much better than I expected. Details soon. Chicago is not warm.”

Neither are our hearts after 2009's rather 'fiddly' Tony Hawk: Ride, which introduced an expensive skateboarding peripheral to perform tricks in your living room. When it worked. Robomodo was the developer of Ride for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, meaning that any future project with Hawk might well involve that slab of plastic once again.

With a full reveal expected soon, we're hoping that it will conclude with a graceful retirement for the legendary skateboarder. Either that or the ability to grind using your face. One or the other would suit us marvellously.


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