Heaps of Darksiders Pre-Order Details + a Centerfold!

Posted by Staff
THQ has unveiled a plethora of pre-order goodness for Darksiders, and here are the details:

- "All pre-order copies of Darksiders from GAME will receive a code to unlock an exclusive in-game weapon called ?The Harvester?. This ornate scythe comes from the arsenal of Death himself and allows War to smite his foes from a distance with ease."

- Go to PLAY.com and "receive a unique unlock code for an exclusive War costume for their avatar on Xbox LIVE or Playstation Home. This outfit will allow them to be the envy of all their friends as they take on the guise of a Horseman of the Apocalypse."

- Using Amazon "will earn players a Ruin head mask for their Xbox LIVE avatar or Playstation Home character. This mask can be equipped with any outfit..."

- Gamestation? You'll get "an exclusive Darksiders comic book expanding the back story of the game. Drawn by famous ex-Marvel artist and Vigil Games creative lead Joe Madureira..."

- HMV shoppers "will receive an exclusive Your Last Centrefold calendar."

There you jolly well go.


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