Tinchy Stryder Disses Namesake - Suzanne Shaw Does Sing It!

Posted by Staff
Although the ace UK pop/grime/ghetto/rap/hiphop man may have got his name from 1980s' video game, Strider, Tinchy Stryder is all about the dissing of the Capcom classic.

"Yeah. I wasn’t actually a fan of that game. I just remembered the name of the game. I wouldn’t say that driving games are my main thing but I like them, man. The main thing I like doing is playing football", he tells Downedinsound from a video game contest at Thorpe Park.


Anyway, not all poptastic people are about hating 'on' games, croonette Suzanne Shaw loves Disney Sing It: Pop Hits so much that she launched it, probably purely out of love as well. Look at the pictures.


PaulRayment 9 Oct 2009 11:00
Celebs and games, have the two ever mixed? I mean I wouldn't be surprised if there are some footballers out there that love FIFA or other celebs who can't get enough PS3 but put them in front of a camera and they are just unbelievable.

Get those pictures of Pixie Lott back up.
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