A Chick with a Huge Gun Talks Resistance 2

Posted by Staff
Some news nibbles create themselves, here's one: a talented female, holding a huge weapon that she made herself based on the Marksman from Resistance 2.

This is Izy Cheung. She made the gun. She's really rather talented and says things like, "Of all the Resistance weapons, the Marksman is my all-time favorite; I?m a sniper at heart. Some would suggest I go with the Fareye instead if I?m a sniper, but the Marksman does more damage, has the orbs as a secondary fire, and just looks the coolest out of all of them. I totally fell in love with this gun at first sight (I really like my guns!!)."

Can't say fairer than that. Bless you Izy.

Here are all the Izy links that count:

Deviant Art.
Her blog.


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