Eventful Fuel Screens and Trailer

Posted by Staff
Codemasters has put out some new screens, along with a video, for it's great big open world racer, Fuel.

SPOnG's been playing some Fuel preview code lately and from what we've seen it is, indeed, massive.

The video showcases the game's events. Here's what Codies wants to tell you about them: "FUEL’s unprecedented 5,000 square mile+ racing environment is the perfect setting for a huge range of new and classic race events. The video features quads, buggies, bikes, cars and trucks competing in unique challenges that include ‘Chopper Chase’, where players must negotiate FUEL’s challenging terrain to overtake a helicopter and ‘Seek and Destroy’ where gamers must crash into designated rivals.

"Other events include ‘Speed Run’ where players must complete a course against the clock using any route they choose and ‘Blitz’, which has players dashing from checkpoint to checkpoint to reset the timer in a series of tense sprints.

"These challenges are complimented with classic events, such as ‘Checkpoint’, ‘Circuit’ and large-scale ‘Raid’ races, but come with a twist as FUEL’s fully-open, corridor-free world powers real player choice when it comes to route selection and taking short-cuts. FUEL also comes complete with a powerful and intuitive race editor to create their own events set anywhere in the world and even share them online."

You can see the screens here and grab the trailer here.


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