MTV's AIG Hate Sucks in Wii and Manchester United

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MTV's AIG Hate Sucks in Wii and Manchester United
Okay, if we were asked who the sponsors of the Little Brunswick Fistrals (or American sports, well rounders or armour-ball team) we might be at a loss. However, we would be able to tell you that the New York Yankees don't play in 'kit' they play in uniforms. So, we're a little under-enthused that MTV's Stephen came over all shocked that a soccer team called Manchester United should have a sponsor in Pro Evo 2009 (on Wii) that is "one of the most hated three-letter combinations in America these days".

That combo is AIG - the insurance people and erstwhile Man Utd kit sponsor.

Yes, Steve has come over all upset that a team that can't even beat Fulham, should be seen in a game developed months ago bearing the logo of a sponsor that has already dropped its deal with the club.

Says Steve, "That was a sight more offensive than anything I could have feared to see in Resident Evil 5". Sure.

AIG, in case you hadn't realised is another major financial institution that has taken government money to bail it out before announcing that it was to pay some $165 million in staff bonuses.


PreciousRoi 24 Mar 2009 17:17
people still watch MTV?
DrkStr 24 Mar 2009 18:24
PreciousRoi wrote:
people still watch MTV?

Not for music! :-) Same as not watchng Sci-Fi (srry SyFy FFS!) for sci-fi TV any more.
OptimusP 25 Mar 2009 08:42
PreciousRoi wrote:
people still watch MTV?

Well, people don't really watch MTV, watching implies having any kind of an attention span. They merely look at it with gazed looks and possible slight drooling from their always open mouths.
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