Naked Nudity in The Witcher and Dragonsang? Lawks!

Posted by Staff
Naked Nudity in The Witcher and Dragonsang? Lawks!
Good gosh... nudity, blow jobs, general sexeration? And this is not even anything to do with Grand Theft Auto or erotic lesbian dancing sex in Mass Effect. Nope, this is to do with the PC owner's ability to patch their games in a way that console gamers of a certain age can only dream about.

Yes, a reader has sent us a link to a place calling itself NakedSkins. Now, initially we'd reject this kind of email as the kind of spam that the evil editor receives on an minute-by-minute basis. But this one actually has a gaming connection. The Witcher, Tomb Raider(s) (obv), even DrakenSang... all get the nekked lady treatment. There's also... tee-hee, blow job animations. All in all, just the kind of thing to keep the kind of person who wants naked virtual people in their lives away from real-life people who might like to really get naked and 'do sex' to each other. That's got to be good thing for all of us.

See Nakedskins and also a Mininovas naked games list here... if you must.


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